Ramble On

On my last night in Barcelona, I find myself wondering what reason there is to leave. It is an exciting city that can be enjoyed in a few days, but would make a nice place for an extended visit. I saw much of the city, but there is plenty left to explore. I couldn’t say what has been the best experience, everything has been great.

I visited the Museu de’Historia de la Ciutat this evening. Buried underneath the Barri Gotic, 9 meters underground, lay the ruins of the Roman settlement Barcino, which were unearthed by archaeologists in the 1970’s. Wandering around the 2,000 year old ruins, and coming back up into the modern city, and then thinking about being in Hong Kong in just a few hours, was quite a head-trip. Photography inside was prohibited, or I would have some images to share. It is worth a Wikipedia search to learn more.

I would love to come back to Barcelona in the future, but in a little while I’ll be leaving behind this amazing place in search of China. I can only hope it will be half as wonderful as Spain has been.


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