Endless Life

A few months ago before the semester ended, while turning in one of my last assignments, I saw sitting on a shelf of free books a collection of “Taoist Drinking Songs from the Yuan Dynasty,” a collection of Chinese poetry. I picked up the free copy and didn’t think much of it.

Since deciding to travel to China, I’ve looked at the book and found a few nice poems. Here is one:

    done with the world
    and pure
    as darkness
    nothing to hold me
    nothing restrain
    the old guy here
    within the grove
    before blue cliffs the
    moon’s companion
    mad and singing
    drunk and dancing
    smashed, polluted with the wine
    of endless life

I’m getting ready to start my trip this evening. This will be my last post from America, and I hope I can update frequently while on the road. Adios!

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