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Snow from a Phone

I (unbelievably) can’t remember how many times snow has fallen this winter. Seven? Fourteen? Twenty? I’ve been using Instagram to capture the beauty of the season.

From nearly 70°F two days ago, to eight (!) inches of snow this morning, watching the deviant flakes fall this St. Patrick’s Day is a fitting way to celebrate the nonconformist Irish spirit.


Potential Weather Review, ★★★★ Washington D.C.

I haven’t noticed today’s weather, other than ‘it’s cold’ – because I’m infatuated with what Wednesday’s and Thursday’s weather will potentially bring.

Today’s forecast model runs are all in accordance with the trend that developed last week, each predicting a good amount of snow falling Wednesday night. The National Weather Service officially has DC at a 60% chance of more than 8″.

The different forecasting simulations – the GFS, the NAM, the Canadian, and the Euro – all are in agreement that DC will see at least 5″ of snow, with the NAM and Euro models as bullish as up to 20″ and the GFS more conservatively showing 6-10″.


I’m not entirely sure what the acronyms stand for, but I think NAM means “North American Mesoscale,” and GFS means “Good Fluffy Snow.”