A Trip to the Record Store

I’ve been getting nostalgic for the feel of plastic discs in my hands, so instead of sitting in my office and distractedly browsing Spotify, I went out to a few used record stores and came home with a bag full of music. Here’s what I copped –

Basement Jaxx – Rooty  ////  The single ‘Always Be There’ showed up on my hard drive some time a few years ago, and catches up to my headphones every now and again. Its such a solid track, I’m going to give the rest of their tunes some overdue rotation. First listen of ‘Rooty’ already has me hooked.

Kasabian – Empire  ////   Kasabian’s self-titled album from 2004 was amazing. I played the hell out of it, and saw them do a great show in Tampa, FL in ’06. The album was so good, I never bothered listening to any follow ups – until now!

Kasabian -Tampa, 2006

Elvis Costello – My Aim is True   ////  I’ve always been skeptical of Costello, because his name is Elvis. I had felt that there should really only be one guy called Elvis in rock music – a completely naive stance, I know. This album is terrific.  ‘Welcome to the Working Week’ and ‘Alison’ are classic hits, and a few sick guitar solos pop up on other tracks for good measure.

The Smiths – Singles  ////  People are quick to rave about how important the Smiths are, but I’ve never followed up and really heard it for myself. I’ve listened to some of Morrissey’s later solo work, and wasn’t thrilled. I’m going to make a concentrated effort to listen to and enjoy this album.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – This is Somewhere  ////  I pretty much fell hopelessly in love with Grace Potter the first time I saw her. Hearing her sing only made it worse. I’ve streamed this album a few times, but it deserves some space on a shelf.

Alicia Keys – As I Am  ////  I love R&B but I rarely give it fair play time. It can get mixed up with annoying pop music, especially on the radio, so I approach with caution. AK’s Unplugged album blew me away, so now I’m digging into her catalog a little more.

Alicia Keys

Secret Machines – S/T  ////  A few weeks ago I saw the School of Seven Bells perform, and learned that the guitar player was the same guy from Secret Machines. I had seen SM sometime in ’04-’05 and their loud, driving, thumpy, melodic sound shook the building hard. I really enjoyed the show, but never got around to getting the album. Until now!

The Beach Boys – The Greatest Hits, vol. 2  ////  A few weeks ago I was watching Charlie Rose, and he had on the Beach Boys. Their interview was fascinating and they seem like cool dudes. I know they’re canonical pop masterminds, but I’ve never given them a critical listen. I’ve got the doors off my Jeep and Summer is getting started here, so this should be some good cruising music.

Beck – Modern Guilt  ////  Since hearing ‘Odelay!’ way back when, I’ve liked Beck. He mellowed out and started doing acoustic albums,  and I liked those too – but I’m ashamed to say I never actually bought one of his records. This one was only $1.99!  Thanks, CD Cellar!


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